This was already shared on discord last week. As the post itself is already drowned out by other posts I thought to share this on our forum too.

We will start (this week) with a 3 nights rotation. As we have grown rather larger as a group we wanted to make sure everybody gets a shot at at least 2 nights.

We have the following notes by Proud:
  1. I'm (Proud) attending all opses as raid leader.
  2. This isn't a strict attendance list, if you are available feel free to set attending but keep in mind those ppl on priority will get confirmed unless the group composition isn't good and I have to confirm other ppl to keep it stable.
  3. Also the roles aren't strict, if I believe someone will perform better on a certain boss fight in a different role I will ask them to switch...that is often the case with Shao dpsing instead of healing
  4. So i.e. follow the attendance on website and if its "not your day" sign up regardless, especially if you see low attendance by those who are on priority day
  5. If you have any questions feel free to ask me on private message
  6. Also notice there is plenty of us (14) so keep in mind that you can't play every ops night unless someone can't make it and I require you to join. Hopefully that won't often be the case

Mostynn - Mace
Lino - Shao
Asterio - Abrax - Nox - Araf - Proud

Meilan - Mace
Lino - Oreshan
Asterio - Nox - Aishya - Valk - Ivo - Proud

Mostynn - Meilan
Oreshan - Shao
Abrax - Aishya - Valk - Araf - Ivo - Proud

NB: the observant reader may have noticed a slight difference between this post and discords. This post is the final group setup.